Spanish gym offers n-a-k-ed workouts

A STRUGGLING gym is hoping potential clients will fancy getting buff in the buff — after launching n-a-k-e-d workouts.
Liberal-minded customers have been invited to burn calories in the n-u-d-e at Easy Gym which provides towels to "prevent slippage" on equipment.

N-a-k-e-d workouts
Owner Merche Laseca said: "We knew we had to innovate because we were losing clients.

"Times are hard. There is a crisis. I need the money. I am not a n-u-d-i-s-t myself, but I don't mind it at all."

The business in the northern Spanish town of Arrigorriaga is the country's first gym to allow fitness fanatics to bare all.

Merche got the idea after a survey of n-u-d-i-s-t-s showed 90 per cent of them would happily exercise n-a-k-e-d.

Critics claimed the n-u-d-e gym sessions might be unhygienic and uncomfortable.

Julian Lopez, an Easy Gym member, said: "I think the managers are stupid to do this just to get money.

"They want me to be hygienic, with clean shoes, towels etc ... but when I go there now and sit on the exercise bike what am I going to find?"