High Fashion Elite

High Fashion Elite – Solely for gays?

Men these days become more and more interested in their style comparatively to their interest in vogue one hundred or even twenty years ago. Although considerable part of guys seems to care about their clothes and look, the main customers of fashion market are women. There is a paradoxical situation there: almost all fashion production is dedicated for women, but almost all fashion designers are men. More surprising fact – numerous part of vogue professionals are gay men. It’s not a big sensation as homosexual men are often considered to be related to creative and artistic jobs, but how they took up fashion world? Don’t women know their own style better?

First of all, let’s remember the fact that not long ago main women “job” was to look after children, tidy a house and cook a dinner three times a day. In other words, it was inappropriate for a woman to take other responsibilities than household. Therefore, fashion business as well as all the other jobs was basically taken by men. Those times have passed, women fought for their rights, they proved they are equal or even better than men.

Yet we have surprising situation, approximately 85 percent people trying to enter fashion world are women, but those who achieve big success in haute couture are mostly men. How come females don’t reach the top? Probably they still are considered not to have characteristics and ambitious needed for leadership or as American designer Norma Kamali said “Women still prioritize getting married and having babies”. There were prominent women in the industry as Coco Chanel, Miuccia Prada and Donna Karan, however there were much more men who made an influence.

No matter what stop women from high success in fashion career, there must be something more that brings men, especially gays, to the triumph.

According to psychologists, women better ask a man’s opinion about their look. And also a woman prefers to receive an advice from a man to other female. If a woman can’t be impartial, there are reasons why straight men can’t make objective judgment as well. Everyone has their mind about style, but if a man tells a woman what to wear, he will most likely dress her up to please him. Think about it, if feminine fashion would be created by straight men only, women wouldn’t wear much clothes at all. Women find gay stylists more reliable adviser than others, because they seem to have fewer prejudices about females. And if one can put his prejudices apart, he becomes more opened for new ideas and solutions, which is very important for fashion designers.

There is no denying the fact that gay designers brought many great things to high fashion, not because of their different sexual orientation, but because of different kind of aesthetics. Giorgio Armani started a tre...

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