Rihanna's Short Bob Pixie Hairstyles

Rihanna is one of R&B’s top female artists. She is also one of the go-to star for many of the most recent hairstyle trends. She was one of the first ladies to cut her hair short and go for the trendy bob look. However, with several stars following in suit, Rihanna decided to set herself apart by cropping her locks yet again.

Rihanna's Bob Haircut

This time, she decided to go especially short with a sexy pixie style. To balance her face, Rihanna has decided to keep her short locks full of volume, with thicker layers at the top. She also shows off her beautiful eyes by adding side swept long bangs that fall above her brow, rather than in front of her face. While short pixie hairstyles can sometimes become boring, Rihanna seems to have mastered the versatility of her look. Most recently, she wore her locks swept high in front for a punk rocker type ‘do.

Rihanna's Pixie Haircut

This worked perfectly for the occasion, a benefit concert where she was a star performer. Ultimately, Rihanna continues to be a style leader. Each time she makes a hairdo change, she seems to become even sexier. In fact, stylists around the world are constantly brought pictures of the hot star as more and more women seek to crop their own locks to achieve Rihanna’s chic, confident look.

Rihanna's Short Hairstyles

Rihanna's Short Hairstyles

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