How high will you go

How high will you go?

Orlando Pita, a famous hairdresser, is known for his $800 haircuts that he charges in his salon located in New York.

These are all big dollars, but for what exactly? A dress? How about a pair of shoes? Oh wait, maybe a great bag! No. What I’m talking about is the price of a haircut.

The other day I went to a nearby salon for a cut, and I have to admit I’m frugal at times so the bill didn’t even go to $20. (Yes, I know, I’m a cheapo!) Anyway, while researching about haircuts, I find out that the average price of one in America is $21. The most expensive cut I have ever gotten was about $80. And to me anything over $100 is pretty pricey which makes me wonder, what makes a person want to spend over hundreds of dollars on a haircut? Better yet, what pushes a salon to charge such expensive cuts?

Stylists battle about prices all the time, some low, some high. One of the fashion industry’s most famous hairdressers, Orlando Pita, opened a salon in New York with haircuts for $800. He sticks by his price and explains, “My clients really care about their hair. Maybe they don’t pay that kind of money for a pair of shoes or a bag. It’s all relative to what we think is important.” However, other stylists argue that anything over $500 is outrageous.

In my opinion, those that charge a lot are marketing their name and status which makes prices go up, but really the quality of the cut doesn’t change that much when you are comparing expensive ones. As a client, I think you just take pride in who you got your hair cut by and how much you spent on it, which boosts your liking toward your cut. So if you have the money, why not? Many women spend hundreds on shoes that they only wear a few times, so what’s the harm in getting a $600 haircut that will last you months?

I think each person has their own standards, so I feel that there’s nothing wrong with sticking under $100 (like me) and I don’t find an $800 haircut too outrageous either. As long as you feel comfortable in paying the price, I don’t think there’s anything bad about it, and hey, maybe one day I’ll try Orlando Pita’s cut out to see if it’s really that great. (Well, I’m sure it’ll be much much better than the one I got the other day!)

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