Wonderful Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair picture As the big night approaches, you may think that there are no prom hairstyles for medium hair. Fortunately, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are a plethora of options for your hair, especially if it is just long enough to get it into a pony tail.

Before you run out and buy hair extensions to create that elaborate up-do your friend assures you will look perfect, know that a lot of guys (and probably your date as well) prefer a softer, low-maintenance look. Find a prom hairstyle for medium hair that makes you look beautiful, but also lets you concentrate on your date and not your locks. If your hair falls to your shoulders, just brush it, wash it, add a little product to give it body, and then put it in hot rollers. Leave the rollers in for about ten minutes and then gently remove them. Take half an hour for your hair to cool and use your fingers to separate the curls so they fall naturally on your shoulders. A quick once over with hairspray and a jeweled barrette or flower completes your prom hairstyle for medium hair.

If you are dying for an up-do, there are prom hairstyles for medium hair that can do just that. First, you need to get your hair into a pony tail. If you want a bun, consider buying a foam hair donut in a color that matches your hair. Put the donut over the end of your pony tail and then distribute your hair evenly around the foam, pinning it into place. For a slightly more elaborate look, you can create a bun out of curls. Again, start with a pony tail. Then put your hair into hot rollers. Once they are out and your hair is cool, comb through the curls with your fingers and arranges them in a circle around the base of your pony tail. Pin the curls into place, perhaps with shiny bobby pins.

Regardless of what prom hairstyle for medium hair you choose, know that with a little time and some hot rollers, you will be able to create a stunning hairstyle for your prom night.
image credit:Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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