So closely cropped… but not yet bald!


02d748b6f6wh2 50ad 4957  Marines with 2nd platoon, Company C, 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion went to Wilmington, N.C., for a “battlefield study.” The trip taught the Marines about the U.S.S North Carolina and other ships named after the state.  Official Marine Corps Photo By Lance Cpl. Ryan C. Heiser 062802-04b 181219866_72c290c8fb a5bf59c0 asdfhrty005 c4d4 c312 capt.bc169b668d3940c6b2267bd546d0da64.plebe_initiation_mdmh111 dab4 DSC_7013_jpg DSC_7022_jpg DVC00050 i196386204_36714 i199306101_39797 i199313067_97424 i201249061_84601 i208430909_9281 i208435907_78357