Hair terminology

Hair terminology can be confusing. Unless we’re complete experts, I’ve noted people using different things for the same things,and it can be confusing. This is what I use to define my stuff:


shaved head – hair clippered to as close as humanly possible (well machine possible) without using a razor


bald – see the above, except include lathering the head up and taking a razor to it, taking all hair off


buzzcut – a haircut with clippers cut 1/8th of an inch or longer, but still remaining a short, cropped hair all over


crewcut – see above, but using a combination of two or more guards (not the same length all over)


what do you use? i know it can be confusing, and some of you might harp on me for specificity… but unless someone is really messing up definitions (like saying a 1/2 inch all over buzzcut is “bald”) you can’t really complain about problems with definitions – we all have our take