Cool Mohawk Haircuts

The Mohawk haircut or mohican is a haircut in which we find shaving both sides of the head, leaving a strip of longer hair which is quite noticable. Mohawks haircut became common in youth punk subcultures in the early 1980s and were then adopted by various other age groups, becoming more diverse in cut. Today, Once a trend hits culture, it leaves its mark, however small it maybe. The influence of the Mohawk haircut is seen in countless fashion trends throughout the world and web. Mohawks are still associated with the Punk subculture, but have also become a part of mainstream of men’s fashion

A young Men with Mohawk haircut

Executive Look like Man Having Mohawk haircut

A Woman with Mohawk haircut

Little Mohawk Haircut - A little kid with Mohawk Haircut

Popular Soccer star David Beckham with Mohawk haircut with less hair

Football hero David Beckham with Mohawk haircut Facing media