Super Sleek Hair is Back

Super Sleek Hair - Kaley Cuoco

Image Source: Photo Source: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

For quite some time it’s been difficult to turn on the tube or hit the cinema without witnessing luxurious volume and big blown out waves, and these hairstyles have been heavily coveted, and not easily maintained by the average viewer. And though big volume and beautiful blow outs are well worth the effort, you may be happy to hear that when it comes to trends, gone are the days of the starlet blown out look, as today’s Tinseltown queens have been sporting sleek new locks that are straight and elegant. While this look is pretty, if you don’t have bone straight hair it can be tricky particularly in winter where one is much more prone to catch the wrong wind, precipitation, or get caught too long in a flurry or two. So how do you achieve this look, and maintain it all day once you’ve got it? Easy, just a few simple tools and steps and you are well on your way to a gorgeous sleek main.
Tools you will need: Flat iron, straightening balm, hair gel (just a smidge), and moisturizing cream. Yep, that’s right!
Step 1 – Use your flat iron to flatten your hair from root to tips. And yes, even if you have straight hair, use it.
Beauty Tip – If you DON’T have straight hair, keep the iron on your locks longer than normal. It will straighten, and if you DO have straight hair, you only need to sweep it down your hair like you would a brush. You don’t want too much heat on your hair if you don’t have to.
Step 2 – Use a straightening balm over your locks once they’ve had the iron once over. You only need to smooth it over your already straight hair. Rub a drop and smooth it over, that’s all you need for stay put style.
Step 3 – If you have really stubborn locks, you will need to go a step further and this is where the hair gel comes in. Just rub a smidge between your palms and smooth it over your straight hair. You can bring back the flat iron and lock in the gel for an all day hold.
Beauty Trick – Here’s where the moisturizer comes in, and you can use whatever brand you like. As the day progresses, if you find yourself stuck with some flyaways, rub a dab of moisturizer between your palms and smooth it over. Your locks will be sleek AND shiny all over again. Too much and you will look like you really need a shower!

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