Wedding Hairstyles for Men and Women

Your wedding is perhaps the most important event in your life. The most outrageous of all wedding hairstyles would probably be going bald! Several men who are balding or have unruly hair prefer to shave their head completely for their wedding. For women, there are hundreds, if not thousands of wedding hairstyles to choose from. Most women prefer updos for their wedding and rarely leave their hair down. All wedding hairstyles usually complement the bride and her wedding dress when accessorized properly with the right ornaments. Updos are primarily wrapped curls on the top of the head with a few tendrils snaking down loosely. Some updos look great when accompanied by bangs in front and with loose tendrils framing the face. Interspersing the curls with floral arrangements looks really great when matched well with the rest of the bridal dress and jewelry.

Although most brides prefer pure white for their wedding, you could try small white flowers with tiny red ribbons placed in your curls on the top of your head. If you have short hair, try a layered cut to give your hair a soft and wavy look. Add some frosted hair colouring to make your hair look great.

Executive Summary By Mairead O'Hara