Medium Hairstyles

Here is where the medium hairstyles find their place. Those are the hairstyles with strands reaching the shoulders. There are many ways to style a gorgeous medium length hair whether straight, waved or curly, with body and flexibility.

The straight hairstyles need texture. With a couple styling techniques you can reshape the medium length hair in a variety of styles.

Once dry, apply hair styling product to the entire length of the hair to separate the strands from each other.

For a medium-long elegant hairstyle, apply hair mousse to dry locks and using a round brush begin to blow-dry the lowest layers, going gradually upwards, finish with the top layer. When you are done, apply hair gloss and hair spray to fix the hair.

For locks with medium texture, to create a modern and trendy hairstyle and relaxed look, apply hair mousse to damp hair, then dry with a hair dryer starting with the sides and then from the inside out. End with some hair wax and a bit of hair spray lacquer to give fixation.

You have to remember that the beautiful hairstyle needs healthy and beautiful hair.

Executive Summary By Nadya Mark