Kids Hairstyles

Short Haircut For Kids
Executive Summary By Lekha Ram

Kids are kids and they do not know the importance of keeping the hair clean, tangle free and looking beautiful. So it is the parents who should be understanding the nature of their kid's hair and the child's personality decide on what will suit best for the child. Seasonal hairstyling is also a good option and will help to choose a hairstyle for your kid.

One important aspect to keep in mind is the properties of your child's hair before selecting a style. If your kids are highly energetic and always playful, short haircuts are preferred. Little children always look smarter with short and simple haircuts like straight combed hair for girls and spikes for boys. Let kids be kids.

When do the kids need a haircut? Usually children get their hair cut around one year. However, for some children it might take a little longer for some kids because the growth may vary from child to child. It is better to give your little girls a monthly haircut if their hair grows faster.

So now you know that not only complicated hairstyles, even short styles will help your kids to look smarter and playful. 

Short and Trendy Haircuts for Kids
Executive Summary By Sharmila Shetty 

Most parents resort to convenience of short haircuts for kids.
1. The classic Bob: This style never goes out of fashion; this haircut looks fabulous on straight hair.
2. Blunt cut: This haircut is generally shoulder length, however you can opt for short blunt cut where the cut ends a little below the ears. Blunt cut is a simple hair cut which can be stylized by adding fringes.
3. Crown haircut: Crown haircut is a short bob which creates layers at the crown adding the volume and bounce without use of any chemicals or blow dry. This haircut is best on dry hair.

4. Mushroom cut: This hair cut can be used on boys and girls alike. This haircut is a short crop with two layers at the crown.

5. Step cut/ layer cut: This is shoulder length haircut which creates multiple layers from crown to tips. This haircut is suited for kids with less dense hair.

Haircuts for Boys:

1. Crew cut/army cut: This is the best cut to beat the summers.
2. Spikes: Spike cut can be created in various versions where you have a buzz cut with a front spike or a mushroom cut with spikes all over.