Dia Mirza shares her secrets

She's recently become the first Indian brand ambassador of The Body Shop. The company launched its fairness products and ventured in the fairness market, and had the actress mark her presence at the launch.

At the occasion, as the discussion was about the right makeup and skin care of women, the actress said, "I wish all women take care of their skin, especially in this weather.

Often I hear that young girls sleep with kajal on their eyes and mascara on their lashes. They should refrain from this. In fact, I believe girls should not wear makeup until they are at least 17 or 18 years old. This reminds me that I was not allowed a facial when I was that age. My mom wouldn't even allow me to wear makeup until I started working. But today, I see very young girls flaunting a lot of makeup. 

All I'd like to tell them is that they should cleanse their faces before sleeping, hydrate their skin by having enough water... aur bas apna dimag thanda rakhe... You know, one should stay calm and be peaceful. One gets a beautiful face only with beautiful thoughts." Point noted, pretty gal.