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If you're looking for a good Seattle salon there are few things you should know about the latest trends and treatments for one of your greatest assets: your hair - short or long, straight, wavy or curly. Nowadays there are so many great kinds of treatment, which instead of damaging, drying and frizzing your hair, make it more beautiful, shiny and healthy than it was on its own.
Take a hair perm for example. Remember the tiny hair spiral and perm curls that were the result of the spiral hair perm of days gone by? No, let's not think about it and rather see what is new in terms of hair perm. Digital perm is the way to go in a Seattle salon. If you have straight hair and have always wanted that natural wavy look; hair with body, shine and waves that fall flatteringly around your face, a digital perm is the way to go. So far this new procedure, involving digitally controlled ceramic rods, thermal waving techniques and a special hair perm solution is only available at a few select salons, but well worth searching for, since you will love the results of the digital perm: beautiful hair that will look like it's always been wavy like a movie star's.