Pubic Hair Cuts: Shaving For Good Measure

Pubic hair can be known to be scent traps. In other words, pubic hair such as underarm hair and pubic region hair can cause someone to have B.O. or body odor.

If you like to wear European-style bikinis which tend to show off more skin, then clearly pubic hair cuts are as much as a personal consideration as well as a public courtesy.

Some men and women simply remove their pubic hair because they feel it is a lot more comfortable. Comfortable behind their clothes, vacuuming naked around the house, etc.

There is a perception that less hair will result in more of a man's package being shown. For women, it may provide a cleaner look to the man. So yes, people do it for sexual as well as sensual reasons.

When applicable, removing hair from the pubic region will also remove things like lice, louse, and other things one would prefer not to have basically.

For men and women who have colored their pubic region, they may have second thoughts on the rainbow colors and decide they want to remove it in a hurry or be forever branded as an "odd" person.

Pubic hair has become part of the fabric of fashion consciousness. People do it simply as another way amongst the myriad ways to express one's individuality in "fun" ways.

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