Men’s hair style with and without bangs: which do you prefer?

Bangs are now back in fashion for both men and women. Many hairstyles now incorporate bangs which are cut using feathering and angular cutting techniques and swept over to one side of the face. Apart from concealing the appearance of a high forehead, the incorporation of bangs on a variety of hairstyles for both men and women provide a softer touch to the overall appearance of the hairstyle, especially when the hairstyle is edgy but the person does not want it to be too edgy. The length of the bangs now greatly depends on the hairstyle.

Hairstyles with side swept bangsApart from boosting their sex appeal, mens side swept bangs softens the strong facial features commonly found among men. The bangs also draw the eyes of a woman straight towards the eyes of the man, which has been found to be one of the first things that a woman looks at.

Mens side swept bangs are extremely easy to style and manageMens side swept bangs are increasingly becoming popular nowadays because the look adds a bit of drama to their entire hairstyle, making them increasingly more appealing to women. That is because, surprisingly, how a man wears his bangs tells a lot about their personality and level of maturity, according to many psychologists. Based on studies, psychologists determined that incorporating mens side swept bangs on a variety of different male hairstyles make men appear not only comfortable and secure with himself, but also provides a friendly aura towards women by making them appear as extremely approachable. This is in stark contrast to findings that have been found among men that tend to wear slick their hair back. While this hairstyle does provide women a great view of the men’s eyes, the hairstyle also exudes an aura of overconfidence and sometimes making the men extremely fresh and cocky which is a definite turn off for most women.

The bangs also draw the eyes of a woman straightMens side swept bangs are extremely easy to style and manage. All you would need is some hair wax to keep the bangs in place and style it using a comb or a brush. Make sure that you get a trim for your bangs every four to six weeks to prevent it from growing too long that it covers your eyes and making you appear messy.

covers your eyes and making you appear messy