inevitable hot-weather hairstyles

Don't Fight Your Curls
Embrace your natural curls like Beyonce but avoid frizz by simply adding an anti-frizz serum to your morning hair routine. "I start off by adding a bit of Sebastian Potion 9 Lite Lightweight Wearable-Treatment Styler ($14; to damp hair," says celebrity hairstylist Jeremy Clark, who then gently scrunches the hair while blow drying on low with a diffuser. "Don't comb it out!" he stresses. "Let it be natural and sexy."

Long Curly Hairstyle

Try a Cute Braid
Drew Barrymore and Charlize Theron recently joined the long list of stars sporting braids this season. No matter how you wear them, celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino says braids will hold better and longer if you "start out with wet hair, use a stronger gel than normal and spray with a little hair spray."
Summer Braid Hairstyle

Don't Fear Your Flat Iron
Celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen says the key to straight hair in the summer is a ceramic wet-to-dry flat iron. First, "apply a protecting spray, such as Motions Heat Seeker Protecting Spray ($23; to damp hair and then use the iron," she says. The iron helps lock in moisture and fight flyaways. Bonus tip: "After using the iron, apply the spray again on dry hair to help protect against the sun's UV rays."

Embrace Easy Updos
"An easy summer updo is a two second bun," says celebrity hairstylist Larry Sim. "Just grab your hair, twist it up and pin with two jumbo bobby pins. It's great because it doesn't have to be perfect and you can simply wear it at the nape of your neck (like Lauren Conrad at left)," he says.
Updo Hairstyle ideas for summer

Tame Stubborn Bangs
"Bangs have a tendency to go all frizzy and wild if you're somewhere with a lot of humidity," says celebrity hairstylist Jeremy Clark. "I found the answer is to spray them with an anti-humidity product like Oleo-Relax Voile Fixateur by Kerastase ($34; and blow dry on low." He also recommends pinning them off to the side if you're in need of extra hold.

Don't Let Ponytails Cause Damage
Ponytails will run rampant this summer and to keep breakage to a minimum try bungee elastics ($5/4;—known for doing less damage than regular elastics. "You don't have to pull hair through them, which makes your hair less prone to snags, and the hook closures give you the control to make them as tight as you like," says celebrity hairstylist Staci Child.