2 Months

So its been about two months, so I figured I’d post some findings:

In two months there were:

13,128 Visits

34,770 page views

6,340 Unique visitors

53% use IE, 32% use Firefox (as do I- the site is optimized for Firefox)

The most popular countries of visits are:

1. US

2. Germany

3. UK

4. Canada

5. France

Most people speak English, followed by Germany (me nein deutch), and French (je parles francais aussi)


624 people still use dialup ;-(

1 person is still using windows 95

and others are even using Nintendo and Playstation (you can do that?) to access the site


This is also a time to let me know of any suggestions. I have a three column layout that seems to work well, so let me know what you think. There is a search bar in the middle. My contact info is at the right, followed by post archives. Also, below the ads there is a label cloud with all the posts labels.