Hyomin Park HairStyles

Hyomin with her oval shaped face, retains her sparkling hairstyles that does magic for her on stage. Notice when most Korean idols perform on the stage, they appear to be "shining" on the stage. This is not due to their makeup or high heels, but most importantly their hairstyle.

The "Hyomin" hairstyle is characterized as long, thick hair. Also, check out that most of her hair length is fairly heavy, all the way below her shoulders. And her hair ends in a smooth, silky fashion.

Usually, it looks like Hyomin is fond of longer hair. But here, her blond hair color creates a whole different look. And her hairstyle this time is much trimmed, without any traces of bangs. But we all know, almost every Korean idol has to dye their hair blond once in a while.. right? In this fashion Hyomin reminds me of Jessica Jung.