The Best Hairstyles for Short Hair

Most people think long-haired girls look more glamorous and gorgeous than short-haired girls.

1. If your hair is thin, it is best if you create layers to it. This would compliment your face as it adds volume to your hair.

3. Curls and crimp also look good on short hair.

4. If you find your hairstyle boring, you can try experimenting with highlights and color. Make sure to choose hair color and highlights that complement each other.

Avoid putting too much chemicals on your hair or frequently using hair implements like curling iron and blow dryer. Let your hair breathe and learn how to take good care of it properly. Styling your hair is not bad for as long as it is done properly. Asking your hairstylist about safe hair care treatments would be a good idea if you are not sure of what to do with your hair.

Executive Summary By Kris Kelly