Are We Fashionable Inside and Out Or Just Out

Are We Fashionable Inside and Out – Or Just Out?

gettingdressedRemember when we were little kids in elementary school and our parents would send us to school in nice clothes, but once we got home we had to change? Well, that was how I was raised and it wasn’t so bad, but now I think it’s become a habit of mine.

I do love fashion, but when I’m at home I tend to get too comfortable with my surroundings that I don’t care about my look as much as I do when I’m outside. Or is that the case with everyone? There’s always those women that claim to never dress down, no matter what, and I admire them.

The way my wardrobe works is pretty simple: there’s the “good” clothes and then the regular pile. When I think about it, I treat my “good” clothes like they’re so precious, so fragile and I never think about wearing them inside in fear that I might ruin them. Don’t get me wrong here, I dress fairly well at home too, I’m not in sweatpants or anything like that, but if I walk out of the house in what I’m wearing, I don’t look exactly fashionable. I wonder, does this mean I’m a fashion faker? Should we dress well both inside and out of the house?

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